Hey guys, I just wanted to share the updated voting list. Voting helps our server grow everyday. 

Hey guys! DiamondBeastMC here! Just wanted to keep everyone updated on features we just implimented + features to come!

Here is our current list - feel free to post all suggestions in the designated spot on our forums. Red is yet to be complete, with green being completed.

- FactionFly rank earned through /f top

- Player heads dropped on death + selling them (value of head will be a % of players balance)

- Revamp our 1v1 system

- Better Factions Plugin

- Bigger, better, professionally built spawn (It is being built right now! We are basing it off of Angel Island from Sonic the Hedgehog! Thanks XaxinXD!)

Our new spawn currently in the works

- Custom tools (right now they can be won in our legendary crate or purchased with /buy!)

- Crates overhaul

- Revamp shop pricing

- Big advertising push

- More donation ranks

- More donation items (I still want to keep adding more!)

- Discord Invite Rewards (check it out today by going to our invite-rewards channel!

- New, cleaner looking website

That's about it for now. Like I said guys keep playing and tell all of your friends, mark my words, we will get big. Thank you everyone for your support and patience through all of this maintenance, and keep on playing! I'll see you guys there! 

HarryTheMooseyyy The Moose has your back
Quiikly Bigger and better things.

Hi guys! I just wanted to fill you in on an amazing new plugin we have, that allows you guys to 1v1 with kits, and you won't lose your things! You can now use this 1v1 Plugin to gain faction power, and McMMO levels! 

To get started in-game, type in the command /1v1 duel <playername> , and thats it! If someone has invited you to a duel, all you need to type is /1v1 accept!

Thank you guys so much for playing, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Maxbirdie The 1v1 system is awesome!

Hey guys! I just wanted to fill you in on our new features in the store!

 In-Game Items

In-Game Currency

McMMO Levels

Guys I can't stress the importance of donating. I put all of the donation money back into the server for things like premium plugins, domain names, graphic designs, hosting, and website hosting.

With the donation money I have already recieved, I have already been able to purchase another month of hosting, server graphics, a domain name, and 2 premium plugins (a very nice anticheat and McMMO!)

Planned purchases for the server: server advertising, hosting payments, custom builds, and more premium plugins. Check out the monthly goal on the donation page!

Thank you so much for reading, and have fun playing!

Voting links

[Owner] DiamondBeastMC ao posted Mar 21, 19

Every vote helps us get new, unique players, which then creates more bases to raid. Vote every day for in-game rewards including McMMO levels.

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